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Really a movie???
6 February 2006
The "movie" is pointing out many facts some of which everybody knows but ignore. Even though there are some extreme scenes used to prove a point (mainly with Americans), the movie generally displays truth to the viewers.

However I have many doubts about calling this a movie. In many cases, such as the general concept of US Army, the movie is seriously lacking background knowledge. The use of US landcraft would put more realism into the movie as well as real military equipment in terms of clothes. Many scenes like the 'marketplace' needed some professional approach due to the fact that the meeting is more than a random occasion of a little gathering. Also the religious ceremony is nothing more than a lame propaganda.

Besides these and some other mistakes the movie puts on a good display of Turkish Nationalism and points out several untold facts about Iraq. It is worth watching if you have previously seen the series.
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Simple and Remarkable
27 January 2006
Anyone who watches "My father and my son" will eventually relate the movie to a family relationship they have lived. It is a perfect visualization of what people do because of their ego and what can actually destroy that ego. The movie makes the viewer ask "what if" questions about almost everything and the answers will be different for everyone. The acting is definitely remarkable with less experienced characters (including the little kids) putting on a display to remember when aiding patriots of Turkish movie industry. Overall I can say that "Babam ve Oglum" is a blending of great acting, wonderful script, and a real life story.
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11 May 2005
i think this is one of the worst possible movies that can be done for the period. of course some factors are "manipulated" to give people the impression of hard fight and bravery, but it was too much this time. also the plot seems to be vague.

i don't think this movie can be compared to gladiator which had a lot of reality and less fantasy. the view of muslims is the only good thing in the movie. Neither the christians nor muslims are seen as the bad side, which is the idea of jerusalem to begin with. i would expect to see a better movie since jerusalem is such an important issue and the crusade periods were quite interesting to read
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Sideways (2004)
Real Movie
17 April 2005
Warning: Spoilers
the movie is definitely too realistic. the idea of life is always different. when young people have different visions and thoughts about their future and think positive about it. if your dreams don't turn real as you get older you realize the fact that life is very simple and not always a success story.

sideways brings a perspective to movies with almost no fancy turns involved. story of two middle age men with below average lives spend a week away from home on vacation and search for something they both don't know. we expect for the perfect ending in life for everything but can't reach it all the time or in fact never.
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definitely all about mustafa
3 April 2005
as seen in the name "everything about mustafa" the movie points out different flashbacks to describe the character. you can't make anything out of it unless you try to think everything separately + combining them + understand the whole idea. the best Turkish movie ever and definitely deserved the Oscar for the best foreign movie ( actually i found it to be better than most Oscar nominees )

with more thought and good dialogues added to Turkish movies like "anlat istanbul" and "mustafa hakkinda hersey", already developed Spanish movie sector and developing Turkish movie sector will have a very important affect on European movies.
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Fight Club (1999)
material possession
28 March 2005
Warning: Spoilers
i love the movie. can say that it is the best movie ever.

most of us ( including me ) work for material possessions or try to be people that are considered 'right' by the 'jury'. no matter what you own it does not make you a better person.

the movie gives the idea that you are free only if you have nothing to lose, which is 100% true in my opinion. most of us don't do things we want because we're bound to something ( a family, materials... ) but if we don't have anything then we can do everything...

also my favorite about the movie is the car scene where tyler leaves the wheel and sees what happens. most ppl that don't feel good about their lives would work hard not to lose it knowing that it won't get any better.
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Serendipity (2001)
don't believe in fate
28 March 2005
i don't believe in fate since i have the idea that we are responsible for all our actions and nothing is preset for us. but if you believe in fate then u should see the movie.

also i like that the plot if you don't talk to the person you think you fell in love with then you might miss the opportunity of a lifetime. people pass and forget about the people they see forgetting that they may have just passed by the true love

the movie can be considered as a comedy in some means ( definitely not hilarious ) but it is actually about love. they didn't forget each other because they fell in love
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