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Roma (2018)
ROMA did this to me.
8 December 2018
It's cold out, and my lips are trembling - I place my hand on my cheek to conceal the tear rolling down my face. a nice little old lady stares at me at the traffic light. I give her a nod and a smile, and then she looks away. I am absolutely fine; ROMA did this to me.

as I grapple for the words to express how I feel, I can't help but look back to how this all came to be. how I've longed to see this movie, how I've read every critic review, how I promised myself to see it in theatre - all of this, yet not knowing what to expect.

but Alfonso Cuarón has not made a movie. he's carefully crafted an experience; one filled with love, and grief, hope and betrayal; one filled with reality and truth. and he's invited us in, with his hands over our eyes, like a mother leading her child to a surprise.

following the end credits, I breathed a deep sigh, thankful that I experienced this in the theatre - not only is it a gorgeously visual experience, it's auditory quality is gracious and lush. there's little to no music, but that is deliberate - you feel every sound (in 4K atmos too), carefully designed to immerse you in this world that Alfonso has created, but Yalitza Aparicio has executed, with acting as opulent as it is captivating.

maybe it's me being too vulnerable, and I just might be overselling it, but this film is truly in a world of its own.

and so I close my eyes. I hear the water crashing against the shore. I see the tears rolling down Cleo's eyes. I taste the salt in her mouth. I feel the sorrow in Sofia's voice. I am absolutely fine; ROMA did this to me.
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Destroyer (2018)
Nicole Kidman is the star!!
12 September 2018
Nicole Kidman is an absolute beast in this movie. Her performance in Destroyer is truly enthralling, and quite frankly, the highlight of the entire picture. She submerges herself in the character both physically and emotionally. You can easily feel her pain and bleak persona. Even her joyous moments- as scarse as they are- were well interpreted by Kidman.

The movie is a fine movie, at least to me, though many don't feel that way. It is a must-see.
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