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Piercing (2018)
This ISN'T a review... YET...
26 November 2018
I am super excited about watching this movie because of Christopher Abbott! I liked him a lot in GIRLS, but what really caught my attention about his brilliant acting was him in SWEET VIRGINIA! For those who haven't seen it.. Go now... He was brilliant! He scared me to death in that character! I'm wondering if he'll do the same in this role or even surprise me again doing something completely different!
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IMDb Me: Jack Black Talks Jack Black (2018)
Season 1, Episode 5
It's Jack Black for Pete's Sake....
19 September 2018
This man is a true living comedic genius! I love just about everything he's been in.... I would've given this episode a solid gold 10 star rating, but I couldn't due to the fact that they didn't mention my all time favorite movie of his, which is Saving Silverman! Saving Silverman is one of those movies that whenever it's on, whether it's cable, basic, or Netflix, I watch it obsessively! It's just stupid and hilarious... and I love it! Between Jack and Steve Zahn, I always end up in tears from laughing so damn hard! Amanda Peete reminds me of Jennifer Aniston in Horrible Bosses with her antics.. It's just an all out funny movie!
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Absolutely painstakingly brilliant…
11 November 2017
I remember when I first watched this movie. I never wanted to watch it, because I thought it was going to either A, in subtitles,(which I refuse to watch), because it makes my brain hurt. B, be something dumb,boring,and (wait for my apology please) meant for little kids under 4 to watch! I.. WAS.. COMPLETELY.. TAKEN.. ABACK.. I went to lay down and fall asleep to whatever was on TV,and this movie was on! I said to myself, whatever I'll be asleep soon. Within 15 mins. I was hooked. The cast was beyond brilliant. I know these stories have been told time and time again, but they never ever get less haunting or more horrifying. I cannot pick which scene is "favorite", because they all were astonishing. The little boys were fantastic! I don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing, but my daughter and I love this movie. We watch this every single time it's on. I will say this, if I would've seen the poster for the movie, I probably would've never ever seen the movie. That would've definitely put me on the you should not watch that list!
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You Get Me (2017)
It would be so much better.. But Bella was in it!
29 July 2017
I'd like to say that I really enjoyed this movie, but I was really distracted by Bella Thorne's heavily overacting in it! I get that she WANTS to be the main star, but she killed the movie for me! However, I did see some (tiny) similarities from this movie and some great 90's movies, like The Crush,and Fatal Attraction, I did say tiny!

This is what I will never understand about high school movies though,and I'm 40 OK, and I know things never change! When a new person (especially a new girl) comes around, and now with Google, everyone can find out everything! Girls always know when things aren't as they seem, maybe boys too, IT'S CALLED A GUT FEELING FOR A REASON! Can Someone... Anyone.. Please talk to REAL teens that are actually in school and give them some scenarios and see how they would actually act and react to these things??? I bet you anything the kids wouldn't do that! I will say everyone else did great!

All the scenes without her were great! The scenes with her made my ears bleed!

Wanna know my favorite part of the movie? It was the Ending! When the credits starting to roll, because the torture of watching the hack job of a wannabe actress/wannabe singer/wannabe "SUPERSTAR" Bella was finally over!

Take from this what you will.. And more importantly, WATCH AT YOUR OWN RISK!
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