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Michael Buscemi: Jimmy Creek



  • Ron Stallworth : [answering a phone call from Duke]  Mr. Duke, I'm so sorry we didn't get to spend more one-on-one time together.

    David Duke : Well, that was a just a tragedy. I had just met those heroic brothers in the cause.

    Flip Zimmerman : Heroic.

    Ron Stallworth : Yeah. And the chapter is just shaken at the core.

    David Duke : Oh.

    Ron Stallworth : Yeah. And poor Connie, right? I mean, not only does she lose her husband, but...

    Flip Zimmerman : Poor Connie.

    Jimmy Creek : Connie's going away.

    Flip Zimmerman : We feel bad for Connie.

    Ron Stallworth : [continuing]  ... she's looking at serious prison time.

    David Duke : My God. And then there was that nigger detective. Basically...

    [the officers laugh] 

    Ron Stallworth : [to the other officers]  Shut the fuck up. Shut the fuck up. Shut up, shut up.

    Ron Stallworth : Those goddamn coloreds they sure know how to spoil a celebration.

    Jimmy Creek : [to Flip]  Hey, you're getting me in trouble.

    David Duke : [to Ron]  Christ, you can say that again.

    Ron Stallworth : Those goddamn coloreds sure know how to spoil a celebration. Can I ask you a question, sir?

    David Duke : Shoot.

    Ron Stallworth : That nigger detective, did you ever did you ever get his name?

    David Duke : No. I don't think I...

    Ron Stallworth : Are-uh you sure you don't know who he is? Are-uh you absolutely sure? 'Cause that nigga, coon, gator bait, spade, spook, Sambo, spear-chucking jungle bunny, Mississippi wind chime...

    David Duke : Wind chime?

    Ron Stallworth : [continuing]  ... detective is Ron Stallworth, you racist, peckerwood, redneck, inch worm, needle-dick motherfucker!

    [Ron hangs up, leaving Duke bewildered] 

  • Chief Bridges : What was the room like?

    Ron Stallworth : Folks were hanging on every word.

    Jimmy Creek : Like a Baptist church on Christmas Sunday morning.

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