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Jennifer Jason Leigh: Dr Ventress



  • Dr Ventress : [from trailer]  It's destroying everything.

    Lena : It's not destroying. It's making something new.

  • Lena : Why did my husband volunteer for a suicide mission?

    Dr Ventress : Is that what you think we're doing? Committing suicide?

    Lena : You must have profiled him. You must have assessed him. He must have said something.

    Dr Ventress : So you're asking me as a psychologist?

    Lena : Yeah.

    Dr Ventress : Then, as a psychologist, I think you're confusing suicide with self-destruction. Almost none of us commit suicide, and almost all of us self-destruct. In some way, in some part of our lives. We drink, or we smoke, we destabilize the good job... and a happy marriage. But these aren't decisions, they're... they're impulses. In fact, you're probably better equipped to explain this than I am.

    Lena : What does that mean?

    Dr Ventress : You're a biologist. Isn't the self-destruction coded into us? Programmed into each cell?

  • Dr Ventress : It's not like us... it's unlike us. I don't know what it wants, or if it wants, but it'll grow until it encompasses everything. Our bodies and our minds will be fragmented into their smallest parts until not one part remains... Annihilation.

  • Lena : [as she examines multi-coloured flowers]  These are very strange.

    Dr Ventress : Why?

    Lena : Well, they're all so different. To look at them you wouldn't say that they are the same species... but they're growing from the same branch structure... so it *has* to be the same species. It's the same plant! It's like they're stuck in a continuous mutation.

    Dr Ventress : A pathology?

    Lena : Well... you'd sure as hell call it a pathology if you saw this in a human.

  • [the team kill an alligator & examine it's mouth] 

    Lena : Lena: Whoa. It's exactly the same as the flowers. Look at the teeth. Concentric rows. Something here is making giant waves in the gene pool.

    [the paramedic, Anya, holds the alligator's mouth open. She has no tattoo on her arm] 

    Cass Sheppard : Sharks have teeth like that, don't they?

    Dr Ventress : Do you think it's a crossbreed?

    Lena : You can't crossbreed between different species.

    Anya Thorensen : Lena, this is getting heavy.

    [Later in the movie, Anya has acquired the tattoo] 

  • Dr Ventress : We have many theories, few facts.

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