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Stellan Skarsgård: Lambeau



  • Sean : [in a gentlemen's bar]  Hey, Gerry, In the 1960s there was a young man that graduated from the University of Michigan. Did some brilliant work in mathematics. Specifically bounded harmonic functions. Then he went on to Berkeley. He was assistant professor. Showed amazing potential. Then he moved to Montana, and blew the competition away.

    Lambeau : Yeah, so who was he?

    Sean : Ted Kaczynski.

    Lambeau : Haven't heard of him.

    Sean : [yelling to the bartender]  Hey, Timmy!

    Timmy : Yo.

    Sean : Who's Ted Kaczynski?

    Timmy : Unabomber.

    [Lambeau winces as he realizes the point Sean is making] 

  • Sean : You know what? You can shove your medal up your fucking ass! Because I don't give a shit about your medal. Because I knew you before you were a mathematical God. When you were pimple-faced and homesick and didn't know which side of the bed to piss on!

    Lambeau : Yeah, you were smarter than me then and you're smarter than me now, so don't blame me for how your life turned out, it's not my fault.

    Sean : I DON'T BLAME YOU! It's not about *you*, you mathematical dick!

  • Lambeau : [in a gentlemen's bar, attempting to prove to Sean that his interest in Will is not about fame]  Tim, can you help us? We're trying to settle a bet.

    Tim : Uh-oh.

    Lambeau : Ever heard of Jonas Salk?

    Tim : Sure, cured polio.

    Lambeau : And you've heard of Albert Einstein?

    [Tim laughs] 

    Lambeau : How about Gerald Lambeau? Ever heard of him?

    Tim : No.

    Lambeau : Thank you, Tim.

    Tim : So, who won the bet?

    Lambeau : I did.

    [Tim walks off] 

    Lambeau : This isn't about me, Sean. I'm nothing compared to this young man.

  • Lambeau : You're angry at me for doing what you could have done; but ask yourself, Sean. Ask yourself if you want Will to feel that way, if you want him to feel like a failure.

    Sean : Oh, you arrogant shit! That's why I don't come to the goddamned reunions, 'cause I can't stand that look in your eye. Ya know, that condescending, embarrassed look. You think I'm a failure. I know who I am, and I'm proud of what I do. I was a conscientious choice, I didn't fuck up! And you and your cronies think I'm some sort of pity case. You and your kiss-ass chorus following you around going, "The Fields Medal! The Fields Medal!" Why are you still so fuckin' afraid of failure?

  • Lambeau : [in Gerald's office]  What happened at the MacNeil meeting?

    Will : Oh, I couldn't go. I had a date, so I sent my chief negotiator.

    Lambeau : On your own time you can do whatever you'd like Will, but when I set up a meeting with my associates and you don't show up, it reflects poorly on me.

    Will : Well then don't set up any more meetings.

    Lambeau : Well, I won't. I'll cancel them. I'd give you a job myself, I just wanted you to see what was out there.

    Will : Look, maybe I don't want to spend the rest of my fucking life sitting around and explaining shit to people.

    Lambeau : I think you could show me some appreciation.

    Will : A little appreciation?

    [Will picks up the math sheet] 

    Will : Do you know how easy this is for me? Do you have any fucking idea how easy this is? This is a fucking joke! And I'm sorry you can't do this, I really am because I wouldn't have to fucking sit here and watch you fumble around and fuck it up.

    Lambeau : Then you'd have more time to sit around and get drunk instead, wouldn't you?

    Will : You're right, this is probably a total waste of my time

    [Will lights the math sheet on fire] 

    Lambeau : [Runs and grabs the math sheet to blow out the fire]  You're right Will. I can't do this proof. But you can, and when it comes to that it's only about... it's just a handful of people in the world who can tell the difference between you and me. But I'm one of them.

    Will : Sorry.

    Lambeau : Yeah, so am I. Most days I wish I never met you. Because then I could sleep at night, and I wouldn't... and I wouldn't have to walk around with the knowledge that there's someone like you out there.

    [Will leaves the room] 

    Lambeau : I didn't have to watch you throw it all away.

  • Will : [in a police interrogation room]  What the fuck do you want?

    Lambeau : My name is Gerald Lambeau. The professor who you told to go fuck himself.

    Will : Well, what the fuck do you want?

  • [ordering drinks, in a gentlemen's bar] 

    Lambeau : Perrier.

    Sean : [to Tim]  That's French for "club soda."

  • Lambeau : Yeah, you were smarter than me then, and you're smarter than me now. So, don't blame me for how your life turned out.

    Sean : I don't blame you! It's not about you, you mathematical dick! It's about the boy! He's a good kid! And I won't see you fuck him up like you're trying to fuck up me right now! I won't let you make feel like a failure too!

  • Sean : I knew you before you were a mathematical god, when you were pimple-faced and homesick and didn't know what side of the bed to piss on!

    Lambeau : Yeah, you were smarter than me then and you're smarter than me now. So don't blame me for how your life turned out. It's not my fault.

  • [first lines] 

    Lambeau : Mod fx... squared... dx. So please finish Parceval, by next time. I know many of you had this as undergraduates, but it won't hurt to brush up.

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