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Anita Page: Queenie Mahoney



  • Queenie Mahoney : Oh, dear, I'm just shaky all over!

    Hank Mahoney : Oh, Queenie, will you stop. You're gettin' me nervous now. It ain't gonna be a bit different than it was in Reading, PA and we're going over just as big!

    Queenie Mahoney : Oh... do you think so?

    Hank Mahoney : Why, it's cream in the can, baby.

  • Queenie Mahoney : Gee, this is elegant, ain't it!

  • Hank Mahoney : Oh, honey, with your looks and my ability, Oh, I wouldn't steer you wrong. Oh, now, don't worry. You see that electric sign with the fella in BVDs?

    Queenie Mahoney : Yeah.

    Hank Mahoney : Well, right there, they're going to have the Mahoney Sisters.

    Queenie Mahoney : In BVDs?

    Hank Mahoney : Yes, in BVD - Baby, they were plenty smart when they made you beautiful.

  • Eddie Kearns : Gee... you were a funny looking thing when I first saw you, with those gangly legs and freckles. But, you certainly turned out to be a beautiful girl!

    Queenie Mahoney : Oh, I'll go get some clothes on.

  • Stagehand : Listen, Mahoney, we want you up on the prow of that boat. Come on now. Take, get your clothes off.

    Queenie Mahoney : Oh, but, I don't want to take my clothes off!

  • Stage Manager : You were great Mahoney!

    Chorus Girl : I'll say you were! You'll be riding in a Rolls Royce by Thursday!


    Stage Manager : What a flock of Johns will be waiting at that Stage Door.

    Queenie Mahoney : Go on! You can't kid me!

    Stage Manager : I'm not kidding you. I may be there myself!

    [More laughter] 

  • Queenie Mahoney : Say Hank, do you think that's all I'll get to do? Go on without any clothes on?

    Hank Mahoney : Well, not if I can help it. But, you don't need to worry. Say you got a lot more on when you ain't got anything - from most of the dames I've seen around here!

    Queenie Mahoney : Yeah! Well, I guess I'll go get undressed again.

  • Queenie Mahoney : Oh, Eddie, don't be such a crab!

  • Eddie Kearns : Why do you let a guy like that hang around you?

    Queenie Mahoney : Say, will you lay off him! I'm sick of hearing you crab all the time!

    Eddie Kearns : I'll give him a sock in the nose!

    Queenie Mahoney : You and how many others?

  • Queenie Mahoney : Listen, there's gonna be no part in your show for that dame! Get me?

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