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Bessie Love: Hank Mahoney



  • Hank Mahoney : [after a cat-fight with a chorus girl]  Next time I'll give you a facial instead of a scalp treatment!

    Chorus Girl : I'll fix you, ya little peanut!

  • Eddie Kearns : Hank, did you see Queenie? What's the matter Hank, aren't ya happy? Wasn't Queenie great? Aren't ya proud of her?

    Hank Mahoney : Oh, of course, Eddie. I'm glad to see her make good. Oh, but, gee, we ain't never had to get by on our legs before.

    Eddie Kearns : Oh, that don't mean nothin', Hank. Those guys are not going to pay ten bucks to look at your face; this is Broadway!

    Hank Mahoney : Yeah, "Broad's way!"

  • Uncle Jed : [Last lines]  It's better to star in P-P-Pe-or, P-P-Pe - or, Osh Kosh than st-starve on Broadway.

    Moe : That's a bunk!

    Hank Mahoney : Now, you listen to me, Stupid, I'll handle things. Yes, and I'll have you back on Broadway and in The Palace! In less than six months.

    Moe : No foolin'?

    Hank Mahoney : Why, it's cream in the can, baby.

    Uncle Jed : Su-Su-Sure it is. Cre-Cre-Cre. It's, it's in the can!

  • Queenie Mahoney : Oh, dear, I'm just shaky all over!

    Hank Mahoney : Oh, Queenie, will you stop. You're gettin' me nervous now. It ain't gonna be a bit different than it was in Reading, PA and we're going over just as big!

    Queenie Mahoney : Oh... do you think so?

    Hank Mahoney : Why, it's cream in the can, baby.

  • Hank Mahoney : Oh, honey, with your looks and my ability, Oh, I wouldn't steer you wrong. Oh, now, don't worry. You see that electric sign with the fella in BVDs?

    Queenie Mahoney : Yeah.

    Hank Mahoney : Well, right there, they're going to have the Mahoney Sisters.

    Queenie Mahoney : In BVDs?

    Hank Mahoney : Yes, in BVD - Baby, they were plenty smart when they made you beautiful.

  • Hank Mahoney : Come on, let's get cleaned up before Eddie gets here. I'll run a tub for you.

  • Hank Mahoney : Oh, nothing doing. We're in New York to stay!

    Uncle Jed : S-s-say, say listen, girls, you I-I know this town better than you do. And-and there are more sisters doing their acts over the lunch counters in New York, th-th-then over the - than in the theaters.

    Hank Mahoney : Oh, you're just a crepe hanger!

  • Hank Mahoney : Well, we aren't leavin' this town, 'til we get a flash of Babe Ruth and Grant's Tomb.

  • Hank Mahoney : Oh, goodbye Uncle Jed.

    Uncle Jed : If you wanna see me, just call me up.

    Hank Mahoney : Yeah, fine. You're in the phone book?

    Uncle Jed : You-you bet!

  • Eddie Kearns : Queenie! All grown up and everything!

    Hank Mahoney : You see, that sisterly kiss won't be so hard to take now, will it?

    Eddie Kearns : I'll say it won't!

    [Eddie kisses Queenie] 

    Hank Mahoney : Take it big.

    Eddie Kearns : I did!

  • Eddie Kearns : "Mrs. Eddie Kearns" - sounds pretty doesn't it?

    Hank Mahoney : Swell, Eddie!

    Eddie Kearns : Yeah, and you can feature that anytime, in the electric lights.

  • Hank Mahoney : Say, maybe we better get undressed. Come on.

  • Hank Mahoney : In a minute, I'm gonna lay that dame like a roll of linoleum!

  • Hank Mahoney : And don't forget, we do things intimately.


  • Hank Mahoney : Say, you've been asking for trouble and now you're gonna get it! You great, big, peroxide-headed, dizzy blonde, you! What are you thinking of that!

  • Hank Mahoney : One more crack from you, bimbo, and you'll be holding a lily!

  • Queenie Mahoney : Say Hank, do you think that's all I'll get to do? Go on without any clothes on?

    Hank Mahoney : Well, not if I can help it. But, you don't need to worry. Say you got a lot more on when you ain't got anything - from most of the dames I've seen around here!

    Queenie Mahoney : Yeah! Well, I guess I'll go get undressed again.

  • Eddie Kearns : Well, let's go and get a bowl of chop suey and we'll rewrite the show!

    Hank Mahoney : Well, if you'll write me back in the show, I'd go for a bowl of anything.

    Eddie Kearns : Well, you can - get most anything out of a bowl of chop suey.

  • Hank Mahoney : I'm going to give her the swellest party she's ever had! Oh, Eddie, I love her so much!

    Eddie Kearns : You sure are regular, Hank.

  • Hank Mahoney : Say, what kind of a sap are you, anyway?

    Eddie Kearns : What do you mean?

    Hank Mahoney : Are you gonna let a John like that steal her away from you because he's got a little more Jack?

  • Hank Mahoney : You're a coward! You're afraid of Jacques Warriner! Or, you'd go out and fight for her! But, you're just yella!

    Eddie Kearns : You think I'm yella, heh?

    Hank Mahoney : Sure, you're yella!

    Eddie Kearns : Well, I'll show you how much I'm yella!

    Hank Mahoney : Well, you're yella! You hear me! You're yella!

    Eddie Kearns : I'm yella, heh?

    Hank Mahoney : Yella! I said you are! You're yella! You're yella! You hear me!

  • Hank Mahoney : [Instructions to the piano player]  Now, give us a pick-up for an introduction and a couple of choruses. And swell to the finish. But you follow us, not us you.

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