Replicas Review

Replicas is about yet another scientist who can only see the science in things. William Foster (Keanu Reeves) sees humans only as a centerpiece to neurological entanglements and patterns, easy to bottle up and recreate. At least, in theory. William’s miscues in biosynthetic engineering are in line with those plaguing Jeffrey Nachmanoff’s Replicas: neither recognize humanity, not in William’s experiments, nor in this film’s, well, everything. The answer to William’s problems turns out not to need it, but Replicas could surely use some.

Within this lackluster world, in which human cloning is banned and the weather in Puerto Rico has deadly tendencies, William works for the ominous Bionyne Industries (a quick early shot of the boss man played by John Ortiz reveals the movie’s hand). In pure Robocop fashion, he and his team use “donors” – the war-torn corpses of young soldiers – to attempt, essentially,
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