Let Merlin School You in This Training Clip from The Kid Who Would Be King

I am super excited for The Kid Who Would Be King. I am a huge fan of Attack the Block, so I can’t wait to see what Joe Cornish has pulled out of his hat this time, and the previews have been giving me a 90s kids movie vibe, which is pretty much the highest praise I could give a kids movie. I am also a sucker for any retelling of the Arthurian legend (I didn’t even hate that terrible Guy Ritchie version a couple years ago). So basically, Joe Cornish + 90s-vibe kids movie + King Arthur = I’m in. Plus, it is too cold to go to the park and this will keep my kid entertained for a couple of hours on a Saturday.

We have a new clip from said (hopefully) future blockbuster, and it is from the beginning of what is sure to be a cracking training montage.
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