‘Pet Sematary’ Gets 4K Ultra HD and New Blu-ray for 30th Anniversary

In 1989, Stephen King's Pet Sematary from director Mary Lambert arrived in theaters and unsettled audiences around the globe. As this horror classic reaches its 30th anniversary in 2019, a remake will arrive in theaters and a new home video release of the original alongside it.

Paramount Home Entertainment is bringing a 30th anniversary edition of Pet Sematary starring Blaze Berdahi, Brad Greenquist, Dale Kidkiff, Denise Crosby, Fred Gwynne, Michael Lombard, and Miko Hughes to 4K Ultra HD for the first time, as well as Blu-ray, on March 26th.

Bonus features include the following:

Commentary by Director Mary Lambert

Stephen King Territory

The Characters

Filming the Horror

We'll pass along the Pet Sematary 4K cover art and pre-order link when they're available.
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Pet Sematary Remake Lands John Lithgow

Pet Sematary Remake Lands John Lithgow
Just weeks after Jason Clarke signed on to play Louis Creed in Paramount's Pet Sematary, the cast is starting to fill out even more. John Lithgow has signed on to play Jud Crandall, the neighbor of Louis and his family in this upcoming remake. Production is scheduled to begin this summer, although there is no word on exactly when filming will begin, or exactly where production will take place. While there are still a number of major roles to be filled, the cast is coming together quite nicely.

Like the 1989 movie, this project will be adapted from the 1983 Stephen King novel of the same name, which celebrates its 35th Anniversary later this year. The story follows Louis Creed, his wife Rachel Creed and their kids Gage and Ellie, who move from Chicago to rural Ludlow, Maine, after Louis accepts a position as a doctor at the University of Maine.
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Blu-ray Special Features & Cover Art for Documentary Unearthed And Untold: The Path To Pet Sematary

"I don't want to be buried in a pet cemetery. I don't want to live my life again... Oh, no." For the first time, Unearthed and Untold: The Path to Pet Sematary is coming to Blu-ray from Synapse Films, and we have a look at the list of special features for the documentary, which include rare on-set videos and interviews... lots and lots of interviews!

Press Release: Los Angeles, CA (January 26th, 2018) - In 1989, director Mary Lambert collaborated with King of Horror Stephen King to bring his best-selling book Pet Sematary to the screen. Unearthed And Untold: The Path To Pet Sematary brings the shocking true story behind the film to genre fans this March. Hitting home video for the first time ever, aficionados of this undead classic can dive behind the scenes in HD glory, with a graverobber’s bounty of putrid bonus features on the film’s Blu-ray release!
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Unearthed & Untold: The Path to Pet Sematary Rises from the Grave and onto Blu-ray March 13th

In late 2017, Unearthed & Untold: The Path to Pet Sematary was released through Video-on-demand, via Terror Films. In 2018, Terror Films has teamed up with Synapse Films to release this compelling documentary on Blu-ray. The Blu-ray release is slated for mid-March of this year. This in-depth documentary, from John Campopiano and Justin White, covers everything behind-the-scenes, on Mary Lambert's Pet Sematary (1989). From interviews with the cast to the difficulties of location scouting and building sets, it is all here. And, a preview of the film's upcoming home entertainment launch is hosted here. Unearthed & Untold: The Path to Pet Sematary was a five year journey for the directors. Over the course of five years, Campopiano and White collected interviews with several cast and crew. Interviews include the primary cast: Denise Crosby, Dale Midkiff, Miko Hughes, Brad Greenquist, Andrew Hubatsek, Susan Blommaert, the Berdahl twins, Michael Lombard and more. Each cast member provides a.
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First Trailer For Elm Street Documentary FredHeads Drops

Do you still watch episodes of Freddy’s Nightmares on VHS? Are you one of the few that actually saw A Nightmare on Elm Street through to the end on either Nes or Commodore 64? Or, do you happen to have the board game still lying around in your closet? If you answered “yes” to any of those, well, you may want to learn more about FredHeads.

As it turns out, Venn Pictures – the very minds behind Don’t Fall Asleep, a fan film that showed us what Nancy was up to between the first and third Nightmare movies – are releasing a documentary that “will follow 3 fans as they tell their story and what their journey in the Nightmare community has been; some as fans, others rising through popularity. Along the way, we will be filming at conventions and getting as many fan stories as possible to feature as many fans
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Fredheads Trailer Exposes Elm Street Fandom and the Cult of Freddy

Fredheads Trailer Exposes Elm Street Fandom and the Cult of Freddy
A new trailer and poster have been released for the upcoming indie documentary FredHeads, which explores the diverse fandom of the A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise, and its iconic villain, Freddy Krueger. We first reported on this Freddy Krueger documentary back in June, when it was revealed that filming was set to take place at numerous horror conventions that summer, and that's where the footage seen in this trailer was shot, with a number of fans revealing that they are "FredHeads." The launch of this trailer and poster coincides with the launch of the documentary's IndieGogo campaign, with the movie slated for release in late 2018.

The trailer includes a mix of everyday fans, some in impressive cosplay outfits, along with some of the franchise actors such as Tuesday Knight (Kristen from A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master), Miko Hughes (Dylan from Wes Craven's A New
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The importance of cats in horror cinema

Mark Harrison Oct 31, 2017

Want to enhance your horror movie? Make sure you sign up a cat...

This feature contains broad spoilers for several horror movies featuring cats, including Alien, Cat People, Drag Me To Hell, Fallen, A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night, Pet Sematary and The Voices.

The relationship between humans and cats over time has given way to a number of cultural impressions and outright superstitions. Ancient Egyptians associated them with gods. In the Middle Ages, they were linked with witches and killed en masse, which probably hastened the spread of the Black Plague through the rodent population. And in the modern day, it's interchangeably lucky or not if a black cat crosses your path.

Like anything with such a wide array of symbolic links, movies have presented cats as characters in different ways over the years. It's their abiding association with the supernatural – whether as an omen
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October Horrors 2017 Day 5 – Pet Sematary (1989)

Pet Sematary, 1989.

Directed by Mary Lambert.

Starring Dale Midkiff, Denise Crosby, Blaze Berdahl, Miko Hughes, and Fred Gwynne.


Upon moving to a new town, Louis Creed is introduced to the mysterious “Pet Sematary” that hides an ancient Native American burial ground behind it. A burial ground that allegedly possesses the power to resurrect the dead. Despite being warned not to, Louis finds himself drawn to use the power of the burial ground when tragedy strikes the family, unaware of the horrors that will be released.

Stephen King needs no introduction. With over 50 novels, countless short stories and compilations to his name, the legendary horror scribe has been the source of many a nightmare and a soiled pair of underpants.

And with 2017 seeing something of a resurgence in the popularity of King’s work on both the big and small screen, I felt it only appropriate that with this year
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Revisiting the film of Stephen King's Pet Sematary

Rebecca Lea Jul 3, 2017

Our journey through the screen adaptations of Stephen King's writing brings us to a trip to the Pet Sematary...

The film: Louis Creed (Dale Midkiff) takes a job as a doctor at the University of Maine, moving into a new home with his wife Rachel (Denise Crosby) and their two young children, Ellie (Blaze Berdahl) and Gage (Miko Hughes). Their neighbour Jud (Fred Gwynne) takes a shine to the family and Louis in particular. Jud takes them to the local ‘pet sematary’ where children bury their pets, animals killed by the trucks on the road running past the Creeds’ house. When tragedy strikes, the sinister significance of the Micmac burial ground near the cemetery becomes clear.

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Pick one of the greatest novels in Stephen King’s body of work and a big key to its success
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Unearthed & Untold: The Path to Pet Sematary and Returning from the Grave: A Film Review

*full disclosure: an online screener of this film was provided by distributor Terror Films. This writer has worked on some online marketing for this title. Directors/writers: John Campopiano and Justin White. Interviewees: Denise Crosby, Dale Midkiff, Miko Hughes, Brad Greenquist, Carlene Hirsch. Unearthed & Untold: The Path to Pet Sematary is a documentary on the 1989, Mary Lambert produced film. Developed over five years, the documentary shows dedication and careful editing. Mostly told through interviews with cast and crew, this documentary offers a lot of behind-the-scenes trivia. It also delivers a cohesive breakdown on how the original film was developed. From set location scouting to character motivations, almost everything (in production) is covered. There is one thing missing though; there is no actual footage of the film, which is owned by Paramount Pictures. Still, did you know there were multiple endings shot for the film? This viewer did not, nor how Stephen King based.
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Terror Films Teaming Up with Synapse Films for Blu-ray & DVD Release of Unearthed And Untold: The Path To Pet Sematary

The story behind the film adaptation of one of Stephen King's most chilling books (if not the most chilling) is explored in Unearthed & Untold: The Path to Pet Sematary, and while the documentary is already available on VOD platforms, Terror Films has now teamed up with Synapse Films for a Blu-ray and DVD release of the documentary later this year.

Press Release: Los Angeles (April 20, 2017) - On the eve of the 28th Anniversary of Stephen King’s Pet Sematary, which was released in theaters on April 21, 1989, Terror Films is excited to announce their partnership with Synapse Films. Synapse is set to handle the physical release of the documentary; it will be released later this year.

Don May Jr., one of the partners of the American DVD and Blu-ray label, specializes in cult horror, science fiction and exploitation films. He had this to say about teaming up with Terror Films:
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Jack The Bear – The DVD Review

As part of my post duty orders here at We Are Movie Geeks it is my privilege to shine a light on movies that never quite found an audience, that may have slipped through the cracks. Movies that got very little or n o theatrical release, not much publicity or went straight to video (very common these days.) Such a movie is Jack The Bear . I can recall being vaguely aware of the movie when it was released in 1993, it did play in theaters but I don’t recall much advertising devoted to it. In that time frame I either was too busy or too broke to take in a movie, usually both.

In Jack The Bear we have sort of a male version of Mermaids. An all male family with an eccentric Father John Leary (Danny DeVito ) who keeps moving his family around the country. John makes his living as an entertainer,
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Spawn Reboot Will Be Dark, R-Rated and Scary Says Creator Todd McFarlane

  • MovieWeb
Spawn Reboot Will Be Dark, R-Rated and Scary Says Creator Todd McFarlane
Were you disappointed by the Spawn movie that hit theaters way back in 1997? So was creator Todd McFarlane. And he plans to rectify that with a new remake/reboot that will be nothing like the original movie. He's finished his screenplay, and now, appearing on the latest episode of AMC's Geeking Out, he has revealed exactly what this new big screen iteration of his iconic comic book and action figure line will be.

Earlier this year, McFarlane confirmed that he'd completed the script for a new Spawn movie, calling it 'massive'. Since that update, though, he's remained fairly quiet on the matter. At the time, he explained that he still needed to whittle the huge screenplay down by at least 45 pages, bringing it in at a still somewhat long 140 pages. If one page equals one minute of screen time, that still means this remake will clock in at over two hours.
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Unearthed and Untold Trailer Reveals the Story Behind Pet Sematary

In September of 2015, Terror Films announced that it had acquired Unearthed & Untold: The Path to Pet Sematary, the documentary chronicling the origins of Stephen King's bestselling horror novel, Pet Sematary and its journey from script to screen. For eager fans that have long awaited the release of the documentary, which took filmmakers John Campopiano and Justin White nearly 5 years to complete, the wait is finally over. We have the first trailer and poster, which pays homage to the old Warner Bros. VHS cover art from back in the early 80s.

In celebration of the 27th Anniversary of the original film's theatrical release, Terror Films premieres the documentary's official trailer, poster and a special one time limited edition promotion. The details of what's included in the promotion are featured in the flyer seen below with complete details provided on the Terror Films Store Link. The documentary promotional release will begin
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Texas Will Host Horror Fan’s Dream: Frightmare Weekend

Texas Frightmare Weekend is scaring up some new announcements ahead of this year’s three-day event. The horror convention will pay tribute to the late Wes Craven with a memorial panel. Craven is known for directing several frightening flicks including “The Hills Have Eyes” (1977), “A Nightmare on Elm Street” (1984), and “Scream” (1996). Robert Englund, Heather Langenkamp, Amanda Wyss, Mitch Pileggi, Skeet Ulrich, Matthew Lillard, and Miko Hughes are slated to honor the filmmaker. Representatives of production studio Severin Films, cult film preservation foundation Vinegar Syndrome, theater chain Alamo Drafthouse, and monthly publication Fangoria will unite for a special panel on physical media in the world of horror and cult cinema, which will offer insight on navigating the marketplace for dedicated fans. Texas Frightmare Weekend will additionally host a special panel tracking the history of Fangoria and what’s next for the publication, featuring exclusive news and updates. Actor David Arquette (“Scream
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A personal remembrance of the influential career of the great Wes Craven

  • Hitfix
A personal remembrance of the influential career of the great Wes Craven
When it comes to Wes Craven, I hardly know where to start to memorialize him. This one hurts. While I would not say we were close in any way, we were friendly, and I'd spent enough time with him that when we would run into each other, he always seemed to light up. I'm sure that was something that he did with many people. Everyone I know who knew him has stories about his incredibly kindness. I remember one afternoon in particular spent at his home talking to him about possible projects, and honestly, it didn't matter to me if we ended up getting a film set up or not. It was just the chance to sit and talk about horror with him that was the thrill. When I heard the news tonight, in a flash I realized that we're approaching an age where the guys who directly inspired me
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Round-Up: Aliens Minimates Series 2, William Froste Casting Details, Watch The Horrors Of Autocorrect Short

Diamond Select Toys has announced four new pairs of Aliens Minimates which can be purchased as a full set or an assortment of two-packs. Also in this round-up: a William Froste casting update and a look at Crypt TV's The Horrors of AutoCorrect.

Aliens Minimates Series 2: "Aliens Minimates 2-Packs Series 2 Asst.

A Diamond Select Toys release! The game is not over, man! Dst returns to the world of the classic 1986 action movie Aliens with an all-new assortment of 2-packs! Four new sets include Pvt. Vasquez with Pvt. Hudson, Jumpsuit Ripley with Newt, Pvt. Frost with Burning Alien and a rare, one-per-case set that has Pvt. Crowe with Attacking Alien and Eggs! Each 2-inch Minimates mini-figure features 14 points of articulation and fully interchangeable parts and accessories. Packaged on a blister card. Designed by Art Asylum! (Item #JUN152094, Srp: $9.99/ea.)."

These Minimates are priced at $9.99 for each two-pack and $119.88 for the entire set.
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7 creepiest horror movie kids: The Exorcist, The Sixth Sense

7 creepiest horror movie kids: The Exorcist, The Sixth Sense
Aussie horror The Babadook, which is currently in UK cinemas and reaches the Us next week, is one of the scariest films of the year. Like a lot of the best fear-flicks, much of its ability to terrify comes down to one truly creepy kid.

In director Jennifer Kent's harrowing debut, six-year-old Samuel (Noah Wiseman) discovers a book called Mister Babadook, which just so happens to coincide with creepy occurrences at home that his mother (Essie Davis) blames on Samuel's overactive imagination. If we reveal any more, we'll ruin the film's surprises, but suffice to say that Samuel's behaviour is every bit as unnerving as the monster that could be lurking in his house.

He's not the only movie kid putting us off parenthood for life. Also responsible for giving Digital Spy a severe case of paedophobia (or fear of children) are these terrifying tots...

1. Gage Creed (Pet Sematary,
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13 Days of Horror: 5 Freaky Facts About "Pet Sematary"

  • TooFab
With Halloween around the corner, we're counting down the days by posting five fun facts about our favorite fright flicks. Today's feature film is "Pet Sematary" (1989). 1. Stephen King came up with the idea when his daughters' cat, Smuckey, was hit and killed on the highway outside their house.2. The film was actor Miko Hughes' (above) film debut. He was only two years old during production and would later star in "Wes Craven's New Nightmare," "Kindergarten Cop" and appear on "Full House." See Miko now, at age 28, in the gallery above!3. Ellie Creed was played by two twin actress, Blaze Berdahl and Beau Berdahl. Blaze was mainly credited for the role, while Beau was credited as 'Ellie Creed II.' These days, Blaze is a voice actress. 4. Rachael's dying sister, Zelda, was actually played by a male actor named Andrew Hubatsek. Director Mary Lambert wanted something to be "off" about
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13 Creepy and Killer Kids

Halloween is coming and we thought with all those kids that are out trick or treating, dressing up to be grown ups, that we would give these halfstacks their due, children can be creepy as well. The staff has got together and compiled thirteen films where children are to be feared.

The Children From The Children

Tom Shankland’s film shares themes in common with a couple other “youth gone mad” films of the past, but these kids are terrifying in their own way. A virus of some sort is turning the children into blodthirsty, malevolent creatures. They still look sweet, but they’re ready to kill, kill, kill. The scary imps in Cronenberg’s The Brood are spooky, but nothing freaks me out more than a normal looking child becoming violent. Kids toys become tools of murder here, and a parent’s worst nightmare is born. This well directed
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